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Call 1-800-358-6389 Let’s face it – a job is temporary…but your career is forever. How do you continue your career development to ensure your success and longevity in the future?

Without the right career training and development, going to your job everyday will be like running on a steeply-inclined treadmill – you’ll be giving a lot of effort for going nowhere! CBT Direct’s online courses are especially designed for business professionals who are looking for the right career training to go that extra mile in order to get ahead in their career. With CBT Direct’s career training courses in career development, you can accomplish your career goals without having to rearrange your schedule, change your job or your lifestyle. Career training in career development from CBT Direct gives you the flexibility to improve your career in the comfort of your own home.

CBT Direct has compiled career training courses for career development and divided them into four career stages: “Starting Your Career”, “Developing Your Career”, “Advancing Your Career” and “Building Your Business”. Select the career stage that you are currently in and learn more about what CBT Direct’s online courses can do for you.

Starting Your Career:

These career training courses cover online education in career development, covering topics such as job interviewing tips and the insider’s look at the most common interviewing method used today - the “behavioral interview”. Of course, you can’t begin your career without first learning the basics of business etiquette, communication and listening skills with CBT Direct’s career training in “Starting Your Career”. CBT Direct’s online courses will not only give you a great start in your career training and development, but will also prepare you for your future and get your career on the fast track to success.

Developing Your Career:

Focus on your career development training in listening skills, business math skills and writing skills with CBT Direct’s career training in “Developing Your Career”. Master your communication skills in customer service, time management, leadership communication skills and conflict management and you’ll acquire the vital skills you need to develop your career. At the same time, you’ll learn the best way to gain career development while maintaining a well-balanced life between work and home.

Advancing Your Career:

When Michelangelo said, “I am still learning”, he was humbly articulating that a person always has more to learn, no matter who they are or what they achieve. If you’ve managed to move into a management position, the learning has just begun! That’s why, in CBT Direct’s “Advancing Your Career” online courses, CBT Direct supplies the career training you need for advancement in everything from professionalism and proper business etiquette and how to give successful presentations to managing new responsibilities and fears with confidence and how to become a leader in project management.

Building Your Business:

These online courses give you career training in your continued career development and help to build leadership skills such as how to energize and empower your employees and plan for succession, while teaching you the foundations of a business execution culture. If you are interested in starting your own company, we’ll help you in “Building Your Business” and give you career training in setting goals, managing your time, implementing marketing strategies and more to help you succeed in building your own home business.

Click Here to Request a Quote Success is a journey…knowledge is its path. Gain the career development that will guide you in the right direction with CBT Direct’s online courses. With CBT Direct’s online courses for career training, you’ll be prepared for whatever job or employment opportunity comes your way, and most importantly, you’ll be headed in the right direction for a long-lasting and successful career.

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