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CBT Direct's courseware gives you all the theory and interactive training you need to master the technology and pass the certification exams. For optimum learning, CBT Direct's courses follow a proven four step model: presentation, demonstration, guidance, and independent practice.

Combined, these elements provide you with the skills you can immediately apply in the workplace and training that fully prepares you for any applicable certification exams.

The presentation portion of the course teaches you the concepts necessary to effectively utilize a specific application. Clearly written text and high-quality graphics communicate complex ideas simply and effectively. Each course contains practice questions which thoroughly prepare you for any applicable certification exams.

The demonstration portion of the course illustrates how these concepts relate to everyday application.

The guidance phase of the course provides instruction on making the application learned a useful and efficient tool in the workplace. The course includes step-by-step demonstrations of specific tasks to make sure you can effectively perform the task on your own.

The independent practice portion gives you hands-on experience using the application. Task-based exercises allow you to practice what you learn in a fully-functional, simulated environment. The simulation authentically reconstructs the vendor's environment and continually supplies positive feedback. You'll learn how to best implement and utilize your skills under specific circumstances.

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